Marshaling Time = 6.30am

Start Time      = 7.00am

Estimated Paddling Speed = 8.5-10 km/hr

Typical Category

Single canoes full distance;

Single Rec/touring kayaks full distance;

All SUPs.


Marshaling Time = 7.00am

Start Time      = 7.30am

Estimated Paddling Speed = 10-11 km/hr

Typical Category

Double canoes full distance;

Double Rec/touring kayaks full distance;
C4/V3/OC6 full distance;

Dragon boats/surf boats relay.


Marshaling Time  = 7.30am

Start Time       = 8.00am

Estimated Paddling Speed = 11-12 km/hr

Typical Category

Junior relay craft;

Vet relay craft K1/single ski full distance;

Unrestricted single full distance;

C4/V3/OC6, etc relay.


Marshaling Time = 8.00am

Start Time      = 8.30am

Estimated Paddling Speed = 12+ km/hr

Typical Category

Senior relay craft;

K2/double ski/K3/K4 full distance;
LRec2 full distance;

Unrestricted double full distance.


1. Marshaling time denotes the time paddlers will be called up to get on the water. Paddlers who haven’t got on the water 5 minutes before their allotted start will need to wait for the next start.

2. Estimated paddling speed is the average speed over the day, including the effect of current.

(*) The categories listed above are typical only; depending upon the crew’s characteristics some craft may be reassigned to other start groups to provide a good racing experience for all participants.


Race instructions

1) On Days 1 to 4 every craft will start from the same designated starting location for that day. You will paddle as much as you need to accomplish your own personal distance goals and stop at one of the check points or the finish. On the final day, craft paddling the full distance will start from the designated starting location; craft paddling less than the full distance and wishing to finish at Swan Hill will start from Check Point C.

2) There will be four starts (“waves”) each day: 7:00 am, 7:30 am, 8:00 am and 8:30 am (except on Day 5 the fourth wave will start at 8:10 am, not 8:30 am). You will be assigned to one of these waves based on your craft type and estimated paddling speed. You will be in the same start wave each day, unless reassigned to another wave by race administration. Craft starting at Check Point C on the last day will start at 12:45 pm.

3) You need to be at the start at least 30 minutes before your allotted start time. This is to give you time to set up your boat, be checked onto the water and line up. We will stop loading boats onto the water five minutes before each start time; if you haven’t got on the water in time you will have to wait until the next start.

4) Competitors who start before their allotted time (by jumping the start, or starting in an earlier wave without approval of the race director) will have a 15 minute penalty applied to their recorded race time. Competitors who miss their allotted start will have their race start time recorded as the time of wave in which they should have started.

5) Relay teams and paddlers who aren’t paddling the full distance each day need to complete a “Paddler Plan” and provide this to the race officials at the start of each day. This plan lets us know who is on the water throughout the day.

6) Most starts will have between 30 and 40 boats. Line up where you are comfortable; if you don’t like choppy water then line up behind the main line.

7) You will be given a 2-minute and 1-minute warning before each start.
The start command will be “Ready / Go”.

8) You are permitted to wash ride any other competitor in the race, regardless of craft type or the start they were in. You are not permitted to wash ride any craft that is not in the race.

9) You must provide assistance to any paddlers in distress. If you see someone in trouble ask them if they need assistance. Please provide the officials with the number of the boat you assisted and the time you assisted them and we will provide a time adjustment.

10) Craft that have not passed a check point by the cut-off time will be withdrawn and must leave the water at that checkpoint. Paddlers who withdraw can rejoin the event the next day.

11) Race times will be provided on Webscorer.com at the end of each day. Times will be reported on an actual and handicap basis.
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