Paddler Safety


2020 Update

  • Paddlers are required to be carrying the following:

    • Water (We recommend 2l should be the minimum per person at the start of each day)

    • Pealess Whistle

    • Some food (energy bars, snacks)

    • Hat / sun protection

    • Communications (mobile phone in a waterproof case per boat)

    • Safety 'space' Blanket (one per person)

    • First Aid Kit (details here)

    • Wearing an approved PFD / Lifejacket at all times.

  • Craft Buoyancy

    All craft must have sufficient fixed buoyancy for the craft to float upright and horizontal when completely filled with water. Buoyancy will be assessed during scrutineering and if found to be inadequate, the craft must be rectified or automatically be disqualified from the event.
    Some manufactured craft do NOT have enough buoyancy to meet this rule. It is the paddler’s responsibility to be prepared for our higher- than-normal standards, failure to comply will delay your start or eliminate you from the days racing.

    The following are acceptable forms of buoyancy:-

        Airbags which cannot be dislodged.
        Bow and Stern Foam fixed in position.
        Core mat.
        Air-tight compartments with secure hatches.

  • You will be required to submit details on your craft prior to the Day Zero. If you are entering a home-made craft, then you are required to submit a detailed proposal on your craft before October. This information will include a flotation test.

  • Paddlers that are unable to complete a leg

Paddlers that run into the Sweep Boat that ARE NOT injured or require medical attention, and can’t stay in front of the Sweep Boat (moving at the speed to reach the next CP by the closing time) are out of the race for that day.


The Sweep Boat can take them to the nearest ‘alternate pull out point’ (These points will be identifed on the maps by letter and number. So between Start and A there will be S1, S2, S3 etc…).

The sweep boat will let Event Management know that boat has pulled out, and which alternate pull out they’re taking them to. We will then inform their ground crew and you will need to go back pick them up from that spot.


The alternate pull outs will be road accessible, safe to access and we’ll mark them.

The Sweep Boat will not leave someone by themselves if it’s not safe to do so, and will give the Ground Crew plenty of warning to get to the pull out point in a reasonable time.

The Sweep Boat will register that boat ‘off water’ on the tracking system.

The MMP Sweep-Boat is there for emergencies, and we are required to keep it available for that purpose. We are not in a position to have our sweep-boat full of people and kayaks that shouldn’t have set out from the previous CP.


Please DO NOT set off from a CP if you are not sure that you can make it to the next CP.


Every team or ground-crew has a  responsibility for your own paddlers.

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